Membership in Liberty Percussion is open to all percussionists who have successfully participated in
a middle school band program. The members of Liberty Percussion focus on the Redhawk Band
Competition show, along with All-State Concert and Jazz etudes in the fall semester. The Liberty Percussion Section participates at all events as part of the Redhawk Marching Band, as well as regional drum line competitions.

During the spring semester the Liberty Percussion students perform solos at the UIL Solo Ensemble Contest and will audition for placement in UIL performing groups, including Full Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Winds, Symphonic Band, Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble. 

In addition, the Liberty Percussion Ensemble presents an annual concert during the Spring semester, featuring students from Fowler and Vandeventer Middle Schools. 

Liberty Percussion Drumline Contest

The Liberty Percussion Section will compete at the Lewisville Drumline Contest on Saturday, November 11th. We still need many chaperones and volunteers for this event so please sign up!

Director of Percussion Studies

Mr. Jonathon Jadvani 

Assistant Director of Percussion Studies

Mr. Kolby Kelly