FORM DUE DATE: Friday, December 13, 2019
MUSIC DUE DATE: Tuesday, January 7, 2020

SOLO CONTEST DATE: Saturday, February 22, 2020

You MUST turn in your ORIGINAL MUSIC (visit;;; OR to order) of the solo AND the piano accompaniment part on Tuesday, January 7th, 2020. Please have your stuff turned in on time.

When you turn in your original music on Tuesday, January 8th:

1)  Make a copy of your solo part to use for practice.

2)  Print your FIRST and LAST name on the upper RIGHT HAND CORNER of your original music (including piano part)

If you are using an online sheet music print company, you MUST include the purchase receipt for your music or UIL will disqualify you from performing.

You MUST own your own personal copy of the original music ... do NOT borrow from your lesson teacher ... Liberty HS will not be responsible for music borrowed from lesson teachers and not returned.

3)  Number each measure of your original music AND original piano part with a pencil.

Visit the UIL-PML (PRESCRIBED MUSIC LIST) for Event, Classification, and Selection Code information.

Name *
Which movement(s) are you playing? *
Check ALL that apply. Be sure to check the PML for requirements.
Visit to find the codes. Example: Alto Sax = 212
Class "3" solos MUST have specific permission from Mr. Weaver.
What is the 5-digit code assigned to the piece of music (found at the UIL-PML website listed above). Make sure this number is 100% accurate.
Accompanist (piano player) *
Accompanist fees (if we arrange your accompanist for you) are $70 and will be due on the FIRST day of your accompanist rehearsal in February. Make checks payable to your accompanist. Our accompanists are "independent contractors" - any pricing negotiations in reference to missed rehearsals and/or performances need to be communicated directly with them.
If you choose to hire your own accompanist, but leave this field blank - we will arrange for an accompanist on your behalf (see above regarding fees).