Our Philosophy

The band's culture statement defines what the band wants to be known for: campus and community leaders who embrace change, thrive on creativity and achieve goals. The band's mission is to promote excellence in music, to build trust in each other, to set a high standard of performance in our region, area and state and to develop character and integrity in every individual as a whole. 

Our Mission

“We, the Liberty Redhawk Band, will define ourselves with self discipline, integrity, and character. We will achieve this by dedicating our positive energy and strength to strive for a successful future. We will improve the camaraderie of our band program to ultimately grow as individuals and as a family through positive connections and personal interdependence.”

Our Culture

“We pride ourselves in our high levels of dedication and accomplishment. Our strong willpower builds upon our abilities that foster achievement. We value respect and accept the differences we possess that make us stronger. We have a drive to honor the message that comes with the Redhawk reputation of excellence.”

What WE do and who WE are....


We ARE classy and by far the best audience the other bands will ever have (including their own parents).

We ARE courteous and respectful of those who help make our travel possible (parents, drivers, stadium personnel, etc.)

We ARE professional and mindful about the way we present ourselves in the stands, on the field, and when moving from place to place (this includes PDA, etc.)

We ARE Liberty...and that means EVERYTHING!