Concert Dress Resale 


Resale Drop Off is June 4-6th from 8:30AM - Noon and 1:00-3:30 PM in the Band Hall. If you would like to offer your dress for the consignment "resale", please do the following:

  • Wash Your Dress
  • Hang Your Dress on a Hanger
  • Attach a Self-Addressed and Pre-Stamped Envelope to your dress carefully with a safety pin.
  • Indicate on the envelope how many years your dress was worn.
    • Used for 1 year  =  $40
    • Used for 2 years = $30
    • Used for 3 years = $20
    • Used for 4 years = $10
  • Make sure the size is visible.  If not, please indicate the dress size on the envelope.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Lupe Walding - Uniform Team - 


Upcoming Events: June - July

  • June 1 - Last Day of Classes! Happy Summer!
  • June 4-6 - Concert Dress Resale
  • June 4-6 - Music Mini-Camps 9:00-11:30 AM (details below)
  • June 4-7 - Percussion and Color Guard Camps 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (details below)
  • July 23 @ 12:00 PM - All State Etudes Released - CLICK HERE to see the list of etudes


Marching Band June Training Camps

ALL current 8th-11th grade students will be expected to attend all Mini-Camps. These serve as our "training" days and will be the first time the 2018 Liberty REDHAWK Marching Band plays together!

Woodwind & Brass:

  • June 4-5-6 
  • 9AM-11:30AM


  • June 4-5-6-7
  • 9AM-4PM
  • Lunch break from 12-1PM - students must remain ON campus!

Color Guard:

  • June 4-5-6-7
  • 9AM-4PM
  • Lunch break from 12-1PM - students must remain ON campus!


TMEA All-State Convention Results

Our Liberty band students just returned from the TMEA All-State convention. This year, 68,925 students in Texas entered the All-State audition process. Only 1,778 will make an All-State ensemble (a 3% success rate). After making the group, the students have 4 weeks to work on 34 pages of music for their chair placement audition that happens on the first day of their arrival to San Antonio. This year, students from Liberty finished as follows:

Richard Huang – Oboe - #2 in the State

Charles Yang – Clarinet - #25 in the State

Jisu Kang – Clarinet - #1 in the State

Mark Shi – Clarinet - #5 in the State

Daniel Yang – Bass Clarinet - #2 in the State

Nathan Brooks – Alto Saxophone (Jazz Band) - #1 in the State

Eddie Chen – Alto Saxophone - #1 in the State

Sid Sadhu – Jazz Trumpet - #8 in the State

Reuben Mathews – Jazz Trumpet - #4 in the State

Caitlyn Hazzard – Trombone - #9 in the State

We are EXTREMELY proud of these students and their accomplishment! This represents the largest number of All-State Band students from Liberty HS in the history of the school.  Congratulations to each of them!


A Note From the Redhawk Band Booster President

Hello Fabulous Band Families!

There are many important events coming up in May as we wind down the school year and your help and participation are always needed and appreciated.

May 1st is the monthly Redhawk Band Booster Club meeting at 6:00 pm in the band hall.

Your attendance and input are welcome!

May 19th is Spring Swing! I love Spring Swing! The kids should be talking about music groups, section baskets and donations for this fundraising and fun event. More info will appear in your email inboxes about this…please take a moment to check out how you can help.

May 22nd is Spring Concert—last opportunity to hear concerts and snap photos in concert wear!

May 29th is the end of year Band Banquet. Dinner will be served, videos shown, scholarships awarded, the 2018 Marching Show will be announced! And I will shed tears…information for purchasing tickets will be sent out soon. Come join us and bring me a tissue…

June 2nd—Graduation! Sigh….

As your outgoing Redhawk Band Booster President, here is my “Swan Song” borrowed from a fellow band mom:

I am finishing up my last official duties as a Band Mom. I have given out my last band aid, tissue, water bottle, safety pin, snack item. I no longer have to know where every bathroom is located at all times or what is on the calendar. I don’t have to look for the first aid kit, gloves, valve oil, socks, shoes, gauntlets etc… I am coming into the home stretch. I am finishing these duties but I will never be done giving out hugs to your kids. I have loved being a Band Mom.

But it is time for someone else’s mom (dad, guardian) to step up.

If you have not volunteered before…why not?


Maile Mixon
President Redhawk Band Booster Club